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Stainless Steel Wire Mesh for Decoration

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Stainless steel wire mesh for decoration is now catching the eyes of modern designers. This kind of decorative mesh is offered in a variety of wire diameters, styles and mesh openings. The opening area is from 45% to 66%. Stainless steel decorative mesh is constructed of wires that are woven into a variety of unique patterns. It is widely used as curtains, screens for dining hall, isolation in hotels, decorative covering for the whole building, wall or floors, ceiling decoration, animal containment and security fencing, etc.


1. Materials: the materials of stainless steelwire mesh for decoration and architecture can be stainless steel wire and carbon steel wire, for example stainless steel wire 304, 316 and 316L.


2. Max available width: 15m


3. Max height: 1100mm


4. Delivered flat or rolled, this product is flexible enough to form around shapes if required and can be trimmed with sturdy scissors.


5. Opening area: 45% to 66%


6. Color: white, silver


7. Available in any size up to 15m x 1.2m


8. Warranty years: 5 -8 years


9. It is popularly used in the following applications:
* Ventilation systems
* Strainers
* Partitions
* Outdoor furnitures
* Speaker grills
* Fencings
* Concrete reinforcement
* Walkways and stair treads
* Containers

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