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How to Clean Corrosion From Galvanized Wire

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Galvanized iron wire usually has a galvanizing surface in order to prevent rusting or corrosion. Galvanization can protect galvanized wire underneath from rusting, but after a long time galvanization itself also can rust or corrosin. This will be a white rust instead of a typical red rust. If the corossion is continued to develop, the underneath galvanized wire may begin to rust. Cleaning corrosion from your galvanized iron wire is a very important thing and it can improve galvanized iron wire's service life.

First of all, brush the rusty area with the wire brush and remove it as much as possible. Spray the rusy area with an all-purpose household cleaner. Brush galvanized wire's surface, and making the cleaner into the underneath wire .

Secondly watching the area and removing the cleaner carefully and completely. After this, washing the rusty area with the phosphoric acid solution then immediately spray the area with water. Brush the area with the wire brush until the rust comes off.

Lastely, making galvanized iron wire completely dry before stacking it. The other method is spraying it with a new galvanization layer.

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