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Calculation the Weight of Welded Wire Mesh

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Welded wire mesh weight (just square welded mesh) calculating:


* For materials of iron, steel, or stainless steel wire:
the weight of welded wire mesh = wire dia.(mm) 2 x mesh No.x roll width(m) x roll length (m)/2


1. Wire diameter must be in mm
2. Mesh number per inch
3. Roll/piece width must be in meter
4. Roll/piece length must be in meter


Below are two examples of how to calculate the different kinds of welded wire mesh weight

Galvanized welded mesh 1/2inch x 1/2inch x 0.711MM X 3Feet X 100Feet
Weight=0.7112 x 2 x 0.914 x 30.48 / 2 =14.1KG


Stainless steel welded wire mesh 100mesh x 100mesh x 0.10MM x 1M x 30M
Weight=0.102 x 100 x 1 x 30 / 2 =15.0KG.


That means the theory weight of stainless steel welded mesh 100mesh x 100mesh x 0.1MM per 1M x 30M roll is 15.0KG. Sometimes factory offered the weight to be 14.7kg as the weight tolerance is around 2%.


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